Die Elf vom Niederrhein


Ambra – Prism Of Life


Ambra – Honour & Glory

Ambra_Cild_of_the_Universe Kopie

Ambra – Child O. T. Universe

ELAC Dolby Atmos Demonstration Disc 2015

Linkin Park Live in 4K

Ambra – Prism Of Life ONKYO Atmos Edition

Samsung Pure Audio Sampler Vol. 1

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  • 3 days ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Our latest DVD / Blu-ray Disc title – The RECORDCHAMPION EDITION, which tells the success story of FC Bayern Munich from 1932 until today – is available for pre-order now: http://fcb-rekordmeister.de/
    Act fast: Orders placed until mid of October will be personalized, so become a part of history!
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  • 4 days ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Check out Tyler’s new iPhone7/7 Plus color bar test pattern...!
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  • 5 days ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    These are just some impressions on this year IBC Show 2016 in Amsterdam. At Portrait Display’s / SpectraCal’s booth 10.A26 we showcased the latest CalMAN 2016 display calibration software as well as equipment from our friends at Quantum Data and Jeti. After IBC Show Marcel from WLC gave a one day CalMAN calibration class for the staff at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) - one of the largest colleges for art and media production in Benelux. Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we already miss you, but for sure we will be back soon...
    IBC 2016, Amsterdam / GLR Rotterdam
  • 2 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Come and visit us at the Portrait Displays / SpetraCal booth 10.A26 in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to see you!
    IBC Trade Show
  • 3 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    We absolutely agree. That’s why we at WLC sometimes even don’t take jobs because it would’nt be the right way to do it. Quality and customer satisfaction should always be priority #1 - even if the potential client even doesn’t know it... (image source: (C) The Walt Disney Company)
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  • 4 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    On August 18, 2016 WLC supported Dirk Meier, colorist and Head of Programme, to conduct a CalMAN display calibration class for up.grade students of DFFB (German Film and Television Academy Berlin) that attend a one year training course to become fully trained colorists. Part of the curriculum is display calibration, hence optimally aligned monitors and equipment is crucial for high quality color grading activities. The trainees attended several theoretical workshops and received hands-on training to deal with different types of display devices, workstations and laptop computers. During the CalMAN calibration session, conducted by Marcel Gonska, the students learned more about HDR, BT.2020, P3, the use of CalMan Autocal features to create 1D/3D LUTs in computer and video monitors (e.g. HP Dreamcolor 27x) and how to generate LUT files for LUT-boxes, such as AJA’s LUT-Box. Also manual calibration for client monitors and reference monitors was covered. More on up.grade: http://www.upgrade.dffb.de
    CalMAN class at up.grade
    4 weeks ago Tobias Bach Hansen
    very recommendable!:)
  • 6 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Our credo at WLC. True words... Source: quotes. lifehack. org
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