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  • 1 week ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Last night we celebrated the premiere of our latest production, the FC Bayern Recordchampion Edition at Rotor Film in Potsdam, Germany. Special guest and 7-fold German Champion Lothar Matthäus and his wife Anastasia Klimko joined the premiere show, that featured around 60 minutes of program highlights of the 3 hour sports movie.
    Lothar Matthäus im Sportbuzzer-Interview
  • 1 week ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Marcel Gonska of WLC gave a paper on HDR at the HDR Seminar of the NBF (Dutch Society of Film and Television Makers) in Amsterdam, NL. On behalf of Portrait Displays /SpectraCal WLC together with PDIs CalMAN distributor, MacroCad, also demonstrated CalMAN calibration workflows for display matching.
    Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Film- en Televisiemakers NBF
  • 2 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    From Nov. 10-11 we supported our Spanish CalMAN distributor during the 4K SUMMIT in Sevilla, to demonstrate CalMAN’s calibration capabilities in the overall content production workflow. As a highlight we also had Canon’s HDR mastering monitor, the DP-V2410, on display, to show how HDR display evaluation and calibration works. 3D-LUT generation, HDR calibration, SDR evaluation and ICC profiling of laptops and workstations were all part of our daily demonstrations. We thank Medina Media for this greatly organized show and look forward to next year. All images: copyright: WLC GmbH/Marcel Gonska. Further information on the 4K Summit: http://www.4ksummit.com/
    4K Summit, Sevilla, Spain
  • 2 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Very nice...
    My Alliance with Science
  • 2 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Just check out the SMPTE Centennial Gala Highlights Reel:
  • 3 weeks ago by WLC Enterprises

    WLC Enterprises
    Also this year WLC attended SMPTE’s Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Hollywood, CA. It was a special event this year, hence SMPTE celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary since its foundation by C. Francis Jenkins in 1916. Next to many great papers and panels on HDR, WCG, film and television production we had the honour to attend this years Centennial Gala, which took place in the Ray Dolby Ballroom on October 28 at the Hollywood and Loews Center, Hollywood. During the gala, Douglas Trumbull (VFX pioneer; 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner) was honored with the Progress Medal, while James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic, Terminator 2) received his Honorary SMPTE Membership for his achievements in the Stereo3D and VFX domain.
    All Images (C) Marcel Gonska / WLC GmbH.
    SMPTE 2016 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition
    3 weeks ago Patrick Schappert
    Mein Neid ist dir sicher...
    3 weeks ago Florian Friedrich